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Jamilli & Rodolpho's wedding

This wedding was beyond special! Jamilli and Giuberti Decor have been partners for a long time. We know each other for at least 5 years! She worked at a radio station at the event department, so of course she would hire us to take care of the decor and catering, and every event we would hear the same thing: "Once I get married, you guys would be doing my wedding decor"; and that's exactly what happened.

Jamilli meet Rodolpho, and she realized it was the love of her life, the moment they crossed their eyes. Everything happened very fast, because it was meant to be. They dated, engaged and plan a wedding in less than two years. Planning her wedding was a easy task, since she was in this business she knew every single vendor that she wanted for her wedding day.

Jamilli and Rodolpho focused on a simple and emotion-filled ceremony, without protocols and with many unique moments.

The wedding atmosphere was wonderful from start to finish! And the reception? There was a lot of music, a lot of joy and it was so good that all the guests did not want to leave at the end of the night.

Bride getting ready

Groom getting ready

The bride is very romantic and angelical, for the decor she choose the blush and gold pallets, transforming the room from Blue Hill country club, and magic blush pink wedding.


Ceremony: Saint Catherine of Siena Church in Norwood MA

Venue: Blue Hill Country Club in Canton MA

Photographer: Michelle Ghazal Photography

Decor/ Limo: Giuberti Decor

Cake: Jackies Cake Studio

Dessert: Sweet Pan

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