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COVID-19 and my event/ wedding

COVID-19 and my event is a subject that is letting everyone re-think and loosing their precious night of sleep, for all the events/weddings happening in 2020. So, here comes the question: What should I do? What to do at this moment? Perhaps you have already anticipated and talked to all your vendors, if you have not already done so, it is a good time to do it. COVID-19 is everyone's problem, so it would be fair to everyone, the vendors and you as well. Canceling your wedding or event would only let this Pandemic mark your life even more (negatively). We will not let that happen! I contacted all my partners in this industry, and we are all in the same page, and with the same goals: we are all 100% willing to reschedule events, free of charge. This time is going to affect everyone, not just the wedding/ event industry, but everyone, in the whole WORLD. Think that we will all have some kind of loss in this difficult time, be it financial or psychological, we are all int he same boat, and we will all get thru this together.

How to manage this pandemic? Stay informed on reliable news channels like the WHO (World Health Organization) itself. The tip is to stay at home, don't panic, keep your mind healthy, spend your free time doing things you like, planning and researching things for your wedding/event that will soon arrive.

If you decide to postponed your wedding or event, don't let your dreams sink. Keep your planning your event, look for inspiration, talk to your vendors, share new ideas, take some time and "pretend" you are still o your planning process. Since we cannot change the situation, we are going to work as hard as possible, because we all know this storm will pass, and our dreams still needs to be alive. During quarantine Take the opportunity to get inspired, get informed and research everything for your wedding, and don't forget about me, I am here with a lot of free time to talk to you and share some wedding/events tip with you.

If you are new to this website, and need someone to talk to about your wedding/event goals, lets exchange email, I want to be your relief for this tough times, remember I am here for you.

How about I post some pics of some weddings, so you can print-screen or save it on you board!

We are in this together.....

Doesn't matter what your style is: I am here for you!

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