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What's your decor style?

When planning a wedding, the first thing that you need to decide, is your decor style, and sometimes that's not the easiest task.

Every couple has their unique taste and style, and their wedding should represent them, and have their personality, the best way to do that, is by showing it is at your wedding decoration.

But, how to know what style are you? Here are some tips and inspiration for your wedding.

A Romantic Wedding

A romantic wedding decor is very easy to reproduce. The colors are usually light and delicate, and vintage elements (crockery, pearls and antique objects) can also favor the theme. Birds, patchwork and prints are other items that can give the romantic touch you need.

Traditional (or classic) Traditional or classic wedding is perfect for formal families. The wedding decor will include Items that are luxurious such as chandeliers, crystals, silverware, tall arrangements, candles, and big flowers centerpieces.

For traditional weddings, usually the couple choose to get married in the church and the reception is at a different location.

Rustic Wedding

Did you know the most common wedding style in Massachusetts is rustic? Yes, it's! To find out if this is your wedding style, you are couple that loves the nature feel. You focus on wood, small details that makes a huge statement, laces and for the colors and clean and "suave" feel.

So what's your style? I hope this post helped a little to define your wedding style, but if you are still in need on a hand, I am here for you!

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