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A Romantic Private Estate Wedding

Updated: May 18, 2021

Samuel and Olivia's wedding was celebrated on Friday, May 14th with a beautiful tented romantic wedding.

The fun fact about this designing this wedding, was seeing Samuel getting married, I was his babysitter when I was only a teenager, I took care of him and his little bothers! We used to make so much mess together, and here we are, years later, we meet again and this time to meet his beautiful fiancé Olivia, and be part of their special day.

The first time I meet Olivia and her mother I knew exactly what she wanted for her decor, she is very sweet and romantic, I just knew how to please her with the decor. She choose blush, white and gold for her color pallet.

Olivia and her bridal party got ready at the mansion, and the photographer took amazing photos, capturing the perfect combination of romantic, fun and meaningful pictures.

They had a beautiful tented reception, and for "dinner" they choose breakfast, since it's their favorite meal. It was delicious and fun, and Sam's family also owns a delicious bakery, that played a huge whole with their delicious breakfast recipes, bacon, home-fries, pancakes, waffle, scrambled eggs, and much more..... I mean, it was a full breakfast fiesta!

The night ended with a sparkler send-off for the newlyweds! It was so fun, and of course Krista Jean took the most amazing photos!!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gomes!!!

I would like to thank Krista Jean for the beautiful pictures, and I would like to encourage everyone to check her beautiful website!

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